Ambience14&10i3m Conference 7.-9.9.2014

Welcome to Tampere!
We look forward to welcoming you to Tampere, Finland in September 2014 Ambience14 will be the 4th event in this conference series previously organized either at Tampere, Finland or in Borås, Sweden. 10i3m will for the 10th time bring together the global experts and scientist of thermal manikins and modelling. Wearing comfort, clothing physiology and the well-being of humans and the world will be the main theme of the conference. These issues will be approached from various angles, such as technology, physiology, design, materials, smart textile solutions and product development technology.
Smart textile solutions are gradually being commercialized. 3D design and digital product development systems offer new and exciting ways for introducing products to the market quickly and cost effectively. Ecological concerns, conscious consumption, sustainability as well as functional clothing physiology all enhance our well-being and build a better world for us.
See you in Tampere!

Heikki Mattila Conference Chair